Food conserves, fruit conserves to be more precise, are an excellent way to treat the palate to an exquisite array of flavours. Be it summer or winter, spring or autumn, the sinful mixture of fruits/ fruit pulp and sugar along with other ingredients call for a heavenly affair indeed. Cooked until they acquire a thick texture that is punctuated with the chunkiness of the fruits (and sometimes raisins/ nuts and mild spices, too), they are an excellent way to satiate your sweet cravings or replace chutney or desserts on the dinner table.


So let the menu get hotter with a range of new dishes and complement it with a line up of special fruit conserves to make the day for you and impress your guests, too. You can relish these anytime and lose in its magic without having to worry about the presence of additives or preservatives. They are made from natural ingredients and make use of no additives, preservatives, artificial colours or flavouring agents. What’s more, they are 100 % vegetarian and manufactured in a vegetarian set up so that both the ends of the spectrum can try them out and enjoy them to the core. The assortment of fruit conserve flavours for a healthy and a happy you is inclusive of:

1. Apple Cinnamon Conserve : As the name gives away, this amazing apple and cinnamon conserve is made from juicy apples (from Himachal Pradesh) and found in conspiracy with cinnamon, a natural flavouring substance. The sharp taste of cinnamon when combined with the former, gives the taste buds a wonderful experience and taste that will leave you craving for more.

2. Strawberry & Mint Conserve : While the tangy taste of fresh strawberries give your taste buds a kick, the mintiness and natural flavouring ability of mint leaves leave you with a wonderful aftertaste in this great strawberry and mint conserve. Try this out to enjoy succulent strawberries in its newest and ‘mintiest’ avatar.

3. Mango Saffron Conserve : Mango, one of the most favourite fruit of all times, comes together with saffron, one of the greatest natural colouring and flavouring substance of all times, in this one of its kind conserve. It is the medley of fresh and juicy Alphonso mangoes and the revered Kashmiri saffron to cast a spell on your taste buds.

4. Pineapple & Green Pepper Conserve : The sharp, tangy and flirty taste of pineapple blend with the delightful flavour of green pepper (a coveted natural flavouring substance) in this pineapple and green pepper conserve to ensure your taste buds aren’t deprived of a pleasant experience. The sweet and divine taste will definitely transport you to a world of ecstasy.

The best part? These unusual and interesting combinations that the conserves boast of are tasty as well as healthy. Not only are they infused with a unique aroma and flavour but also very healthy with a good amount of nutritional value. So bring home the different conserve flavours and let your sweet tooth be spoilt for choice.