Whenever you are trying to prepare something simple or an unpretentious dish you have been wanting to dig into for days, do not lose sleep over how it will turn out to be. Fret not about the pair of raised eyebrows that think bunging in only a few ingredients together is against the art and science of cooking or that mature cooking is all about a lost line up of ingredients. Also, remember:


• Long, elaborate and cringe worthy recipes are not always synonymous with delicious and healthy food


• You do not necessarily need unheard of ingredients to storm up a culinary extravaganza


• You do not need a generous dose of the worldly gyans or clichéd dialogues to keep you company while you are at it


• It’s misleading when people say a dish crafted of few ingredients will fail to look or taste good



 Instead cooking with few ingredients can be greatly advantageous.Here is quick lowdown on points that stress on the same:




• Fewer ingredients imply clean flavours and distinct aromas


• Fewer ingredients mean lesser amounts of cleaning, chopping, dicing, etc. and also reduce the chances of messy trails


• Fewer ingredients can involve lesser cooking time and cut down on the energy consumed


• Fewer ingredients can help you focus better on the individual ingredients and play with their strengths and textures


• Fewer ingredients mean more convenience and easy preparation, and less chances of a disaster in the kitchen


• More ingredients can complicate the cooking process and make the flavours go for a toss


• Last but not the least, more is not always the merrier and thinking/ taking your pick from a tray laden with vegetables on a daily basis can be quite an ordeal. Having fewer ingredients in the kitchen can save you from this and make the chore less relentless


What you may also keep in mind is that:


• There are no steadfast rules; you just need to strike a balance


• You may take up an old recipe to recreate the magic of the past, go with contemporary flavours or create your own one


• You may go a tad lighter on the spices or use an artful combination of rich spices to make the flavours pop in the mouth


• You may make a dish that has a prominence of a certain ingredient and choose a primary ingredient that would be the hero of your dish


• You may experiment with the different cooking methods like poaching, braising, caramelising, boiling, frying, etc.


• You may accompany the dish with an inviting dip, a sauce or a chutney to enhance its flavours or have a drink to wash it down your throat.


So making delicious food with a restricted number of ingredients can be actually quite fun and your better half or curious neighbour may relish it with an enviable heart nonetheless.

If you are passionate about cooking, aren’t afraid of trying your hand in the kitchen, and willing to make mistakes and learn from them, go ahead. Get your apron ready and feel free to cook to your heart’s content.



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