If you are a foodie or a housewife, who loves to try and experiment making restaurant like food at home, then Kitchens of India is something you must try. Kitchens of India Chicken Darbari is for the chicken lover in you. Are you often left feeling guilty of making the same old ghar ka khaana? Do you want to let go off the same old recipes and try something new? If that is what you are thinking, then why visit a restaurant, when you can get some quick authentic food at home. Order online for Chicken Darbari by Kitchens of India, and you will have something new to boast of.


Kitchens of India Chicken Darbari is a wonderful curry, an amazing blend of juicy tender chicken pieces mixed in rich tomato gravy and butter. It is a favourite ready to eat meal throughout India. Indulge in pure culinary expertise with Chicken Darbari. It is 100% naturally made with no added preservatives. Chicken Darbari is a superb mix of well picked collection of ingredients and recipes from the olden times mixed with the cooking expertise of the master chefs at ITC. Together it brings to you a finger licking, yummy experience. The ITC master chefs have followed stringent rules, mixed the right proportions of ingredients to give you a mouth watering feast. The Kitchens of India Chicken Darbari is a ready to eat chicken gravy with chunks of chicken cooked with rich butter filled tomato gravy.


So if you are wondering what special to cook this weekend, try Chicken Darbari. Add some authentic food by ‘Kitchens of India’ to your kitchen shelf. You can try the other specialties too like Murg Methi, Chicken Stew and Chicken Chettinad. These are special cuisines in the non-vegetarian range by ITC. Each of them is diverse and rich, beautifully blend with the richness of age-old spices, flavours and royal cooking methods followed by the cooks in the king’s palaces. Try once and you will treasure the meal forever.


Kitchens of India Chicken Darbari brings you such authentic taste, that you would want to have more of it every other day. As the special cuisine is being made, the aroma overwhelms the senses and the aroma fills the ambience. The richness of the gravy makes it one of a kind. The Chicken Darbari is indeed a feast for the senses, with a touch of tradition to a pure culinary delicacy.


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