Rava Idli lovers would be more than happy to know food companies have infused some excellent instant food mixes and Rava Idli mix is very much a part of the same.

Wondering what can be a good/ safe breakfast item for you and your entire family? Something that is wholesome and can be consumed by the kids as well as the in laws without any worries? Something that is filling and light enough to make you feel active for the rest of the day? Something that kick starts your weekend and leaves you with loads of energy? Well then, try out Rava Idli. The classic South Indian dish that owes its origin to Udipi cuisine, gets a tick in all the boxes and makes for a perfect breakfast/ brunch. It tastes divine, looks like a neat and simple dish, and does not require a lot of preparation time.

Originally a variation of the quintessential Rice Idli and a speciality of Karnataka, Rava Idli is particularly made of semolina, ‘suji’/ ‘rava’ in other words. It is incomplete without its set of accompaniments. The dish tastes best with the traditional ones, the coconut chutney and the saagu (the vegetable sambhar). But that does not mean you cannot go experimental and replace the coconut chutney and sambhar with curries, pickles and other kinds of chutneys. It is totally vegetarian and contains no egg, meat, fish, onion, garlic and the like.

What’s more, Rava Idli mix is easily available, and extremely tasty. You may also take the short cut and try out the Rava Idli mix that food companies are deluging the market with. Taste wise it is no different and idea wise amazing to the core. You will save yourself time and take the liberty of enjoying one of the most celebrated South Indian dishes. Plus, you will give your palate a change of taste if you are into a cuisine that is totally different from this one. In fact, the instant food mixes are cost wise more economical (as compared to dining in restaurants and paying a bill that includes all kinds of taxes!). Also, they can give you a taste of home when you are away from your birthplace and wish to enjoy something that makes you remind of your roots.

All in all, Rava Idli is unique, and a perfect choice when in search of food that is delectable, healthy and fuss free. So get a pack of Rava Idli, one of the best choices in the line up of instant food mixes or a rendition from the house of the master chefs, and savour it with utmost delight.