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Come with us on a journey with the savoury spices and food products in India which satiates your gastronomic delights. The cuisines are vivid yet rich, the ingredients are exotic and aromatic. So discover and explore the enigma with us. Indian food cuisines with a selection of rich, handpicked spices and recipes, artfully blended by our Master Chefs would translate into a mouth-watering gourmet experience for you.

Packaged in ‘keep fresh’ packs, our food products would entice your taste buds. There are some factors that you must consider before buying food products online.

•  Nutritional Facts : While browsing your favourite food products or spices online, you can take a look at the nutritional values of the products. These will not only help you to analyse the exact amount of nutritional values in food but also help assess health benefits secured from it. Find the nutrition facts of the food which enable you to examine and understand the products better and promotes healthy eating.


•  Ingredients : Furthermore, perfected by expert chefs, the authentic Indian recipes with perfect sprinkles of exclusive ingredients provide instant flavour base for a delicious dish. Traditional Indian cuisines with distinct ingredients not only assure a perfect gourmet experience but also prove to be a feast for the senses. Here, carefully chosen spices and ingredients make each product an exotic culinary treat for you. After all, cooking delicious gourmet meals begin with high quality cooking ingredients in your pantry.


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•  Cuisine : Transport yourself on a mystical voyage through the legacy of Indian gourmet food by browsing through the culinary heritage of a cuisine, tracing its legends and history. You can check the details of each product and find out which origin it belongs to. Immerse yourself into an informative journey down the memory lane and take a look at the diverse flavours that have originated from various regions of India.


•  Packaging : Tastefully cooked to perfection with exquisite spices and vegetables,you can discover a variety of signature dishes and royal recipes by ordering food packs from here. These packets keep the food fresh and pure. It is perfectly sealed so that the content is prevented from getting fermented or stale. Good packaging also helps to retain the health benefits of the content so that you can enjoy your rich gourmet at the comfort of your home. Be it biriyanis, desserts, curries, vegetarian food products or masala mixes, you can check the packets and accordingly order your richly flavoured food product online.



•  Gifting Gift these authentic delicacies that are free of preservatives and exotic flavours to your loved food ideas If you are wondering where to order food, check out the entire collection of food products that are available online in various packs and fill your dear ones with delicious food choices this festive season.

So explore new cooking tips and recipes with hand-picked signature spicy blends to enjoy the refined and classy flavours of gourmet galore. Bon appetite!


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ITC Kitchens of India introduces a host of authentic Indian recipes. It encompasses mouth-watering delicacies perfected by Master Chefs and these Indian food products will surely bowl you over.