Once upon a time, not long ago, food was an indulgence both in preparation and consumption. Back then, people enjoyed the luxury of creating mouthwatering delicacies as and when the fancy struck. kitchens of indiaNowadays, in the age of demanding lifestyles, it is extremely hard to find time to cook up something appetizing at will. Precisely why, ITC Kitchens of India has come to the rescue of mothers and families alike.


For years, Kitchens of India has been conjuring traditional Indian cuisine that dates back to a time when Maharajas reigned supreme. When cooking was an art perfected by a handful, armed with a few secret recipes handed down through generations.



The Master Chefs of ITC Hotels.


 The secret ingredient that goes into making Kitchens of India’s offerings truly authentic, is the special touch of the Master Chefs of ITC Hotels, an attention to detail perfected over many years. Their methods are precise, even the vessels they use; brass urns, copper vessels and specially built large tandoors, all date back to a bygone era. Now, through Kitchens of India, a selection of these rare delicacies has been made available in ready to cook form.



Secret spices packaged to delight.


indian curry masala

For practiced and aspiring chefs alike, Kitchens of India offers a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Masala Mixes. These pastes provide the user with an instant flavour base for Indian dishes. Requiring only a few minutes of cooking, they transform a simple meal into an everlasting memory.


The Masala Mix range includes Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken, Mutton Kolhapuri, Chicken Curry, Vegetable Biryani and Paneer Makhani. Needless to say, each Masala Mix is prepared in accordance to traditional recipes.



100% Natural. 100% Delectable.


All Kitchens of India products are 100% natural and free of chemical preservatives. Prepared using a combination of natural and scientific techniques, they contain only the freshest ingredients, are rich in nutrition and high on delight. But that’s not all, Kitchens of India products are sealed in keep-fresh packs. Healthy and tantalizing, Kitchens of India makes serving a magical treat, a matter of moments.



Just add meat or vegetables and be amazed.


No more waking up at the crack of dawn to grind spices. No more running from shop to market in search of ingredients. No more cutting and cleaning for hours together. All you need to do is add meat or vegetables of your choice to the contents of your favourite Masala Mix packet.


kitchens of india

Anyone wishing to embark on a journey of authentic Indian food may now start and finish at the ready-to-cook aisle in any supermarket, thanks to the Master Chefs of ITC and their quest for culinary perfection.

One may also log on to shopping.kitchensofindia.com to read about, browse through and order Kitchens of India products of their choice in a few clicks.