Are you a working mother trying your best to balance home and career? Well don’t let the guilt of not being able to cook some mouth watering cuisine, take over you anymore. With Kitchens of India, you stand the chance to explore a rich culinary heritage. An array of Indian masala mixes are now at your fingertips. Just desire, and buy Kitchens of India masala mixes to make a rich and delicious supper.


Indian food is distinct, delicious and loved by many. Just like the nation India, the food is diverse and rich, rooted by the culture and specialty of different regions and lifestyle. This makes most of the Indian dishes unique and rare.


Kitchens of India is an ITC initiative that takes you back to the Mughal era. It is an endeavour to bring ready to eat meals at your fingertips. Let your tastebuds travel through some authentic cuisine rich in spices and aroma. These specialty mixes encompasses highly secret recipe and cooking ideas passed down generation after generations by the royal cooks at the king’s palaces. These foods taste and smell good when made in the age old traditional vessels. At ITC, the master chefs perfected the recipes to the core, following age old traditions to present an authentic mouth watering recipe in the form of a ready-to-eat meal.


With ‘Kitchens of India’ any magic is possible. Plan out a dinner for friends and relatives and set out a sumptuous dinner. Try the Kitchens of India Hyderabadi Biryani, and you will keep them wanting for more.


Make authentic aroma filled dinner at home any day you want; thanks to the ‘keep fresh’ packs. It’s like getting into the time machine and enjoying the royal food that the Maharajas ate. Enjoy authentic gourmet food instantly, anytime you wish.

6 masala mixes for a delectable week.


- Begin the Sunday with a bang with Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, you have so many more to follow for the next 6 days. Win praises from your husband and children for the finger licking food.


- Try the Paneer Makhani Masala Mix, a rich traditional vegetarian dish specially prepared with rich cottage cheese marinated in generous quantity of butter. It is a yummy and nutritionally rich food fit for any occasion.


-  If Basmati rice is the favourite at home, you must try the Vegetable Biryani mix by ‘Kitchens of India’. It is made with exquisite spices, vegetables and is filled with the rich aroma of the Mughlai time.


- Another authentic dish to try is the Mutton Kolhapuri Masala Mix. It brings the flavour of the city of Kolhapur in this red-hot delicacy.


-The Butter Chicken Masala Mix has boneless pieces of chicken richly marinated and cooked in pureed tomatoes, ground spices with the richness of smooth butter. The day you feel like relishing some hot Chicken Curry, try the Chicken Curry Masala Mix. It is authentic gravy made with onions and tomatoes, yogurt and ginger garlic.