Picture this - A foggy winter night where you return home with mist in your breath craving your nani’s Moong Dal ka Halwa infused with saffron and sprinkled with toasted cashews or the steamingly flavourful plate of Chicken Chettinad you had at that famous coastal restaurant last week - except, you shudder away that delicious thought because “hey! It’s too much effort to cook such a fancy meal!”, you tell yourself. Ingredients? Recipes? Lighting the stove? Naah. I’d rather just stick to my standard boring meal or order in even though it’s biting into my budget!”. 

Well what if we told you, it’s now time to quit dreaming and start savouring because food revolution is right here, right now. ITC’s Kitchens of India brings to your doorstep, time honoured classic recipes which are skilfully reinvented by the Master Chefs of ITC hotels keeping alive the authentic flavours of ancient India with extreme culinary precision and expertise - packaged in ready to eat “keep fresh” packs starting at just Rs. 50. All you need to do is click, heat and dig in to 5 star delicacies!

Here we give you our top 5 ready-to-eat winter feasts we bet will make you fall in love with winter, all over again! 



1. Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa

This after meal favourite is a distinctively Rajasthani delicacy made from split Moong dal and a generous mix of dry fruits like Almonds. The sweet tooth of Indians is served with a proportioned dose of Sugar, Suji and Besan. Flavoured with aromatic Saffron, the royal treat captivates senses in no time. Served during the most special of occasions, the Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa is a distinctive dessert in itself. This royal Indian treat with all its freshness intact is delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in India. Whether planning a party or a get together at home, it’s only a few clicks away to bring the taste bud tingling delicacies home.

2. Palak Paneer

This authentic Indian recipe, consisting of soft cubes of cottage cheese simmered in fresh spinach puree, creating a rich sumptuous dish to be relished with steaming parathas or crisp rotis and boondi ka raita. Don’t miss our twist on this recipe which is a definite home run infused with fresh spices and zero preservatives!

3. Hyderabadi Biryani

Our rich-flavoured Hyderabadi Biryani mix, sprinkled with the right amount of seasoning is finger-licking and paves the way straight to your heart! This rich, mildly spiced mix is faithful to the original and traditional recipe with spices sourced right from Hyderabad. The masala is 100% natural containing no preservatives. Savour the freshness and get the best gourmet experience with this royal treat at its spicy best as you serve this delectable preparation with Chutney, Raita or Korma.This rich gourmet perfectly balanced by the right seasonings can be conveniently delivered to your home in just a click. Reasonably-priced and ready to be used right from the pack, the home parties get a tinge of royalty with its excellent quality and aromatic brilliance. We say? Let’s get the party started folks!


4. Chicken Chettinad

One of Kitchens Of India’s hot selling favourites Chicken Chettinad has succulent chunks of tender chicken in dark, spicy paste of curry leaves. Spiced up with pepper for aromatic perfection, the rich gourmet of Chicken Chettinad is the one to savour. Keeping the traditional flavour and taste intact, the richness and vibrancy of this classy preparation is sure to tickle the taste buds in no time. A delicacy par excellence apt for sheer indulgence, Chicken Chettinad is truly a feast for the senses. Just heat and you're ready to dig in!

5. Dal Bukhara

The flavoured aromas of the mystic Bukhara cuisines are skilfully reinvented in the kitchens of ITC Hotels by their very own Master Chefs. From the exotic open air cooking practices of the caravans moving along the Great Silk Route to the modernised seasoning, the authentic flavours are retained to perfection. Feel the richness of the mystic cuisine in its royal grandeur just the same way it tasted millenniums ago. Savour the freshness of the ingredients skilfully cooked over the shimmering coal fires that bring out their spicy best. The enigmatic cuisine that fed the exotic dwellers of faraway lands and made their mark on the culinary map is the one to savour with utmost luxury.

So folks, our top 5 winter feasts coupled with many more exotic dishes delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in India in all their flavoursome glory - Kitchens of India is here to save the day in tasteful style!