The spectrum and the vast range of ready to eat food products have changed the culinary map of the country and blurred the borders for many of us. In fact they have created a space of their own. These renditions have come up with great tasty food along with a lot of fun thrown in for good and one has to admit, they have been very successful in bringing together different kinds of delicacies to the food lover. They have given rise to a trend that is not only making waves in the food industry today but also going to continue for a good few years to come.

These ready to eat food products have mesmerised the modern man with clean and contemporary flavours, and recipes that have been a favourite since tens of decades. They have made vintage the new cool and contemporary the new reflection of the past. And in the process received loads of praises for the symphony they have managed to create.

Starting from paranthas to rice & rajma combos, mirch ka salan to paneer darbari, chicken chettinad curries to chicken darbaris, gajar ka halwas to moong dal halwa, pickles to chutneys, the list is anything but limited. One can have a special menu chart of the best of dishes everyday at home, just like the ones in the glittering restaurants, thanks to the bevy of these ready to eat food products available in the market. It can include the delicacies of the north or the lip smacking dishes of the south, the magic of the west or the beauty of the eastern part of the country as the modern ready to eat food products have touched down upon almost all the corners of the subcontinent and even highlighted their best fare. Food companies have indeed left no stone unturned to bring about the best of vegetarian, non vegetarian, desserts and accompaniments to delight the food lover through their ready to eat food products.

Coming to think about it, apart from the culinary extravaganza that the ready to eat food products have blessed us with, they have also helped us in a number of other ways. They have minimised our investment of labour and made us do more in a given amount of time. That is not all; they have also spared us in situations when cooking is no less than an ordeal. So they are a blessing in disguise indeed.