Yes, that’s true! Not always do you have to slog for hours in the kitchen to come out with some finger licking food. There are days when you just don’t feel like doing it. For those lazy days, Aashirvaad has made some instant ready-to-make recipes available for you. It’s just a click away. Aashirvaad has a platter of instant mixes fit for every mood and every taste. They are nutritious, tasty and have no added preservatives. Aashirvaad caters to the needs of a pure vegetarian with 100% vegetarian products.

The range of offers include:

Dal Makhani – This can indeed be a great alternative for home cooked food. Made with lentils and kidney beans, it is simmered well in a spicy creamy curry. Buy Aashirvaad Dal Makhani online for just Rs. 65.

Palak paneer – Here’s an authentic food product for a special occasion or to make a daily day special. Soft well cubed cottage cheese are blend in spinach puree to give the perfect rich gravy. Buy Aashirvaad Palak paneer online for just Rs. 70.

Navratan Korma – In this special, 9 types of vegetables are cooked in a lightly cashew flavoured sauce to give a remarkable taste. You can buy Aashirvaad Navratan Korma online for Rs. 65.

Rajma Masala – It is a famous North Indian dish, in which red kidney beans are simmered in a delicately spiced tomato and onion curry to create a distinct Indian taste and flavor. Buy Aashirvaad Rajma Masala online for Rs. 55 Aloo Mutter –

Aloo Mutter is an anyday recipe, made using potatoes and green peas. Make this home cooked food in just a few minutes. Buy Aashirvaad Aloo Mutter online for Rs. 55.

Pav Bhaji – Make one of the most famous North Indian delicacy or snack in few minutes thanks to the ready to make pack from Aashirvaad. It is a mouth watering dish made with vegetables nicely mixed in butter and spices to add on. Buy Aashirvaad Paw Bhaji online for Rs. 65.

Pindi Channa This is a North Indian dish made using chickpeas. The chickpeas are cooked well and simmered until tender in tomato pureed with spices making a great and sumptuous food. Buy Aashirvaad Pindi Channa for Rs. 60. Mutter

Paneer Mutter Paneer is a ready meal prepared using paneer and green peas in tomato gravy. It is yet another good alternative for home cooked food. You can buy this online for Rs. 65.

Yellow Dal Tadka it is a ready meal prepared with yellow lentils cooked with garlic, tomatoes and fresh coriander. Buy it online for just Rs. 55 Pongal

Pongal is a mildly spiced rice and lentil dish, that is garnished with fried cashew nuts. Buy Pongal online for just Rs. 50

Eat healthy even on those lazy days when you don’t feel like cooking. Choose a ready meal from Aashirvaad and order it online. Empty the pouch and heat the ready to eat meal in a pan to prepare an instant and sumptuous meal for the family.