Don’t we all know how food hacks at bachelor pads and flat sharing's work? Keep ordering in till you’re broke or if you're lucky your help sprinkles some extra spice on your standard Dal Chawal or else, there’s always plain old Maggi. But why settle? When you can get ready to eat dishes straight out of a 5 star restaurant delivered right to your doorstep? That’s not all - these “keep fresh packs” start at just Rs. 50 with no added preservatives! Too good to be true, it is!

How about you shake things up a bit this weekend? With our quick yet very delicious fix of ready to eat food products,  surprise your flatmates with exotic meals ranging from Chicken Chettinad, Malabar Chicken, Palak Paneer, Dal Bukhaara, Chicken Curry mix, Pav Bhaaji and more, all perfected by our ITC master chefs themselves! Watch your friends get stunned as you chef up in 10 minutes and serve the grandest feast on a shoestring budget! Here are our 3 simple steps to nailing the surprise :

STEP 1 : Hop on over to to order your fresh packs online from ANYWHERE in India!

STEP 2 : Browse through and select your’s and your friends’ favourite dishes ranging from our exquisite variety of exotics which reaches you right at your doorstep.

STEP 3 : Heat, plate up with garnishing and dig in!

Shh..we can keep a secret from your friends!  It was all your Masterchef skills! We bet! ;) 


Your Secret Chef,

Kitchens of India