Delicately cooked thick gravy dishes simmered to perfection to seal the aroma and flavour satiates your gastronomic delights. Traditional Indian cuisine is rich in flavours. It captures the rich heritage of Indian gourmet which translates its regality into a delicious gourmet experience. Notably, our wide gamut of best Indian curry dishes spans culinary delights of the country in its entirety.

Some of the best Indian curry dishes are as following :


Dal Bukhara : A culinary delight made from fresh tomato gravy; simmered over slow coal fire for several hours provides you with an authentic and fresh gourmet delight that perfectly retains the balance of the spices.


Mirch Ka Salan : An extraordinary delicacy with succulent whole chillies mixed and tossed in gravy of almonds, peanuts, sesame seeds, beautifully simmered to perfection helps to capture the flavour, aroma and the richness of these Indian curry dishes to the fullest.


Paneer Darbari : Savour fresh and juicy soft cubes of cottage cheese perfectly blended and mixed to provide an unforgettable recipe that is sure to delight your guests. This is a recipe that has a pure gastronomic flavour of its own that surpasses many others owing to the exclusivity enhanced by the aromatic curry powder.

Mughlai Paneer : Tracing its way back to the Mughals, this particular dish is an authentic Mughlai delicacy that is perfectly mixed with khus khus, fine onion paste and watermelon seeds, artfully spiced with cardamom powder and coriander leaves. The rich taste of this particular dish is a feast for the senses owing to its aromatic flavours of curry powder that makes it absolutely delectable.


Paneer Malai : Sautéed with onion and perfectly blended with chunks of fresh paneer and immersed in a creamy rich tomato sauce, this particular delicacy is an accompaniment to any feast.


Chicken Chettinad : Succulent chicken pieces mixed in a spicy paste of curry leaves and fresh pepper retains the traditional flavours and tastes of this dish.


Chicken Darbari : Juicy blend of chicken pieces immersed in butter-laced aromatic gravy makes it one of the finest recipes that will satiate your gourmet experience completely.


Malabari Chicken Stew : Potatoes and chicken served in a creamy white sauce flavoured in black pepper, green chillies, cinnamon, shallots, lime juice and coconut milk makes this an intrinsic part many festive menus in Kerala.


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Be it exotic vegetarian curries, non-vegetarian curries, our Master Chefs have artfully blended various ingredients to recreate an authentic taste of Indian cuisine. Carefully selected vegetables, delectable combination of hand-picked herbs and an exquisite and sumptuous blend of fragrant and flavoured spices, these curry dishes are synonymous of rich culinary art that is exclusively Indian.



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