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Culinary Journey

ITC is one of India`s premier companies with a major presence in various industries like Hotels, FMCGs, Lifestyle, Retailing and Agricultural exports. It has a market capitalization of around US $ 33 billion. and a turnover of over US $ 7 billion


Indian food - delicious, rich in variety and extremely popular! The desire to bring this delectable fare to the rest of the world has given birth to the venture called `Kitchens of India`. With same Master Chefs, same Indian recipes, same cooking methods and the same great Indian taste, authentic delicacies from ITC `s Gourmet restaurants is now available in `keep fresh` packs. These Indian dishes trace their origin to a bygone era when Maharajas ruled the land and cooking was an art form perfected by few.

Bukhara Cuisine

It captures the authentic rich heritage of the North-West Frontier province cuisine, recreating the Bukhara-style cookving with every Indian dish.

Dakshin Cuisine

It reflects the traditional flavours from all the four south Indian states of Karnataka, Kerela, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, with handpicked recipes of the most exotic dishes from the Southern Indian peninsula.

Gharana Cuisine

It is a pan-Indian cuisine created specially by the Master Chefs of ITC . A fine selection of traditional Indian dishes (which do not form a part of the signature dishes from their three specialty restaurants), prepared by time honoured methods of choosing only the finest ingredients and adding every element at its precise, predetermined time.

Dum Pukht Cuisine

It incorporates the artful cooking of the Royal cuisine of Central India, which dates back its origin to the era of the Nawabs and Maharajas ruling the Northern Provinces.