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Mughlai Paneer

Mughlai Paneer -A taste bud tingling delicacy that comprises cubes of tender paneer prepared in delicate gravy of cashew nuts, seasoned with green cardamom. Just Heat & Eat!

  • Serving : 3 people
  • No Preservatives Added
  • Best Before : 36 months from manufacture
  • This product is manufactured in a facility that processes 100% vegetarian products.
  • Type & Weight : Pouch 285G
Paneer (22.2%), Tomatoes, Onions, Edible Vegetable Oil, Water, Cashewnuts (6.6%), Khoya, Tomato Paste, Garlic, Iodised Salt, Spices & Condiments, Ginger and Green Cardamom Powder (0.1%).
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INR 130 285 g
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The cuisine of Awadh, India is the original cuisine which introduced Dum Pukht to the world. One aromatic whiff was all it took for the Nawabs of Awadh to surrender forever to the wonders of Dum Pukht cuisine. The Master Chefs of ITC Hotels recreates the 200 year old legacy from the kitchens of Nawabs of Awadh, showcasing the culinary tradition of Dum cooking with MUGHLAI PANEER. The liberal use of the dry fruits like Cashew nuts and the well-ground choice of Spices & Condiments will make you surrender forever.

This  traditional dish of the Mughals, is prepared with cubes of tender paneer (homemade cheese) prepared in delicate gravy of cashew nuts, seasoned with green cardamom, together with khoya, tomato paste, onion paste, garlic, ginger and other spices and condiments. The taste, the freshness, the flavour and the aroma are all sealed in, as the exotic ingredients simmer to perfection.

Herbs and spices play an extremely critical role in this cuisine. The flavour of the herbs and spices and the expertise of the Master Chefs of ITC Hotels make Mughlai Paneer indeed “A feast for the senses”. The aroma would keep you mesmerized to its legacy as it had kept its original founders captivated since time immemorial.

Order this delicious preparation online and indulge yourself in the complete and widest range of Kitchens of India products being offered to you with convenient payment options and delivery to your door step.

Nutritional Facts

  Energy(kcal) Fat(g) Carbohydrate(g) (of which sugar)(g) Protein(g)
Per 100 g 249 21.0 8.8 4.8 6.3

Total trans fat content not more than 0.52 percent by weight. Total saturated fat content not more than 7.3 percent by weight.

Just Heat & Eat

Method 1: Cut pouch, empty contents into a frying pan, and heat for 3-5 minutes while stirring. Serve hot.

Method 2: Cut pouch, empty contents into a microwave dish, heat on high for 1-2 minutes. Serve hot.

Method 3: Immerse the sealed inner foil pouch in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Cut open and serve hot.


Megha 3/15/2016

Just finished trying the Kitchens of India Mughlai Paneer and wanted to tell you just how fabulous it is! I try a lot of heat and eat food from the supermarket and this was, by far, the very best paneer dish I've ever had. It has just the right amount of spices. Absolutely delicious! I have to put it up there next to my mother's homemade recipe!

Kunal 3/15/2016

I was transported back to the Mughal era…felt like a king!

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