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Free of any chemical preservatives, all Kitchens of India products are 100% natural. Prepared using a combination of natural and scientific techniques, our products contain the freshest ingredients rich in nutrition and high on delight. The use of iodized salt and edible oils ensures the longevity of our products.

When food is cooked in edible oil, it inhibits or kills bacteria and other microorganisms. And when salt is used in conjunction with oil, the high level of salinity impairs the conditions under which pathogens can survive. It also helps dehydrate products, thereby reducing their water content. Every single Kitchens of India ready to eat dish is the sealed in retort pouches after sterilization to prevent recontamination with microbes.



The Retort Process

The pioneering introduction of retorting technology is what has made the sale of `Ready-to-Eat food products commercially viable. The need of frontline military soldiers for light but nutritious food, with an assured long shelf life was the impulse and the inspiration for the development and fine-tuning of the retorting process. Retorting technology was used by the US in its Apollo Space missions. Today it is the mainstay of US military rations. Retorting is also widely used in packaged foods in Japan and Europe.

Retort Pouches

The most important feature of multi layered retort pouches is that they are made of heat-resistant plastics, unlike the usual flexible pouches. This makes the retort pouches uniquely suitable for the processing of their food contents at temperatures around 120 degrees Celsius. That is the kind of ambient temperature prevalent in the thermal sterilization of foods.

ITC uses 4-layered pouches. The use of PET or polyester as the outer layer gives the required strength to the pouch. The aluminum foil serves as a barrier layer ensuring a shelf life of more than one year. The Nylon layer provides strength to the pouch, reassuring additional shelf life. The innermost layer of Polypropylene provides the critical seal integrity, flexibility, strength and taste and odour compatibility with a variety of food products.

Sterilization Process

The sterilization process ensures the stability of the Ready-to-Eat foods in retort pouches, on the shelf and at room temperature. The application of sterilization technology completely destroys all potentially harmful micro-organisms, thereby making sure that the food product has a longer shelf life.